CHI 2024 workshop on sensemaking

We are excited to announce the upcoming CHI 2024 workshop on sensemaking (in all of its forms, including LLM-assisted sensemaking). Here's your chance to learn, discuss, and contribute. Join us and share your thoughts by submitting a position paper.

Important Dates:

Submissions due: Friday, February 23, 2024

Workshop date: Sunday, May 12, 2024, Hawaii Convention Center, Oahu, HI.


We encourage thought-provoking perspectives, use-cases, and studies of sensemaking activities in both professional and informal contexts.


Areas of Interest:

  • What is Sensemaking Today?

  • Tools for Sensemaking

  • Gen-AI and Sensemaking

  • Operational Questions

  • Emerging Phenomena

  • The Future of Online Privacy, Safety, Trust & Safety

For more details and workshop information, please visit


Looking forward,

Laura Koesten, Dan Russell, Niki Kittur, Pengyi Zhang, and Michael Xieyang Liu