At this years EuroVis Raphael Sahann gave a talk on "Selective Angular Brushing of Parallel Coordinate Plots", a paper he wrote together with Ivana Gajic, Torsten Moeller and...

Our research group is currently looking for a PhD researcher with a background in computer science, information science, or a related field.

The University of Vienna seeks to fill the position of a University Assistant (prae doc) at the Research Platform The Challenge of Urban Futures: governing the complexities...

The paper "CorpSum: Towards an Enabling Tool-Design for Language Researchers to Explore, Analyze and Visualize Corpora" by Asil Çetin, Thomas Torsney-Weir and Torsten Möller...

Torsten Möller and Katharina Wünsche published a paper together with an international team on the VIS30K collection of 29,689 images from the IEEE Visualization conference.

We are honored to be among the chosen projects by the WWTF for their digital humanism call. "Talking Charts" will research transparency in presenting complex issues clearly...

Torsten Möller and Christian Knoll presented the IVAN project at this year’s CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar.

Our PostDoc Laura Koesten and Elena Simperl from King's College London recently published an article on how to improve user experience when interacting with data.

We are happy to have Laura Koesten join our team as a new postdoc.

Congratulations to Aleksandar, who did his Master's thesis on "MultiConVis: A Visual Exploration Tool for Multi-label Classifier Evaluation and Comparison".

Our research group together with the research platform Data Science @ Uni Vienna is currently advertising 8 new positions. Apply now!

VRVis is hiring, and also offering internships or possibilities to write your master's thesis at their Biomedical Image Informatics research group.

Christian finished his Master in Computer Science with a thesis on "Evaluation of Design Variations in Creative Visualization-Opportunities Workshops". Congratulations,...

If you always wanted to get an introduction to data visualization with Tableau, you can do so with this video course by Christoph Kralj and Raphael Sahann on YouTube.

György did his thesis on "Component Extraction from Scientific Publications using Convolutional Neural Networks". Congratulations!

Congratulations to Asil, who finished his Master in Computer Science with a thesis on "Multi-Faceted Visual Data Analysis for Corpus Research".

Kevin Sidak and Katsiaryna Zaitsava were being interviewed by the career platform "whatchado".

Our group is looking for a university assistant (post doc). We offer a pleasant work environment within a friendly, international team.

We are sad to see Tom leaving our research group...

Our research group organized a social event on May 6th.

The Data Science Initiative (DSI) organized a data science hackathon.

Torsten Moeller is giving a talk at this years Austrian Computer Science Day on June 3rd.

Our colleague Thomas Torsney-Weir gave a talk at the "On Data and Design Vienna"-Meetup. He presented his talk "Slicing multi-dimensional spaces" at the Webster University in...

Raphael Sahann conducted a full-day creativity workshop about studypaths with diverse representatives of the University of Vienna.

Hadley Wickham will be holding a lecture about "Data Science Challenges" on Tuesday 19.03.2019 at 4.45pm, HS 1 (Währinger Strasse 29, 1090 Wien).

Our colleague Stefan Starflinger was at Wintergraph 2019.

We are happy to welcome our new technician Christoph Loitzenbauer.

Torsten Möller, Thomas Torsney-Weir, Raphael Sahann, Christoph Kralj, Rene Cutura and Dominic Böhm attended the IEEE Visualization Conference in Berlin last week.

Stefan successfully defended his Master thesis "A Blockchain Enabled WS-Agreement Framework" and he is starting his PhD at our research group.

Torsten Möller, Thomas Torsney-Weir, Raphael Sahann and Christoph Kralj will be attending the IEEE Visualization Conference in Berlin next week.

Torsten Moeller gave a talk at this years FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress. He presented his talk "Visual Data Science - How to Make Data Accessible" in Copenhagen on...

We are excited to welcome Miriah Meyer to our research group. She is an expert on data visualization and is currently on her sabbatical here in Vienna.

We are sad to see Christoph leaving our research group...

Raphael's paper "OCP - Operational Curricular Planning: A Visual Decision Support System for Planning Teaching Resources at Universities" got accepted at the 4th...

We are happy to welcome our new technician Kevin Sidak.

Our group is looking for a technician for 20 hours/week. We offer a pleasant work environment within a friendly, international team.

Manfred successfully defended his Master thesis "RSVP: Rapid Suggestive Visualization Prototyping for Visual Parameter Space Analysis".

We are delighted that Vipul Khatana has joined our team.

We are very happy to have Christian Knoll in our team as new student assistant.

We are excited to welcome our new software developer and technician Michaela Hubweber. She is a experienced data journalist and content manager.

We are very sad to see Johanna starting her maternity leave...

Hear Daniel Archambault talk about "Sampling for Effective Visual Network Analytics"

Hear Steffen Frey talk about "Looking into spatiotemporal data: visualization challenges, approaches, and future directions."

Hear Michael Gleicher talk about "What Shakespeare Taught Us About Data Science and Visualization"

Tom successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Hear David Muraki talk about "Mysterious Holes in the Sky & A Theory for the Motion of Cloud Edges".

We are excited to welcome Christoph Langer as our new technician, he will be the new supreme ruler of the brand-new NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputer.

Reconstructing your reality one image at a time

Our new website is online.

Our group is looking for a system admin and software developer for 20 hours/week. We offer a pleasant work environment within a friendly, international team.

We are excited to welcome Manfred Klaffenboeck as our new technician. Manfred can look back at almost a decade of working experience as a web developer.

For the third year in a row, VDA is hosting 13 Masters students from the Cognitive Science program at the University of Vienna.

We congratulate Michael Sedlmair for his new Professor position at the Jacobs University in Bremen.

Starting in 2018, the new research platform "Data Science @ Uni Vienna" under the supervision of Prof. Torsten Möller will be established for three years. The main focus of...

Our Bike Sharing Atlas was featured in the Standard, on June 28, 2017 in the special section on research. The full article is available as PDF.