Research Focus

The Visualization and Data Analysis group conducts research in the fields of Visualization, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and Human-Computer Interaction. Specific focus areas include:

Design Studies

How can we turn domain problems into actionable vis tools? Many of our research projects are problem-driven: we collaborate with domain experts with driving data analysis problemsand design novel visual analysis solutions with and for them. 

Understanding Visualization research

What is Visualization (research)? The field of visualization is a diverse research field. Influenced by mathematical thinking and human-centered design alike, there are different approaches in understanding research contributions, evaluation strategies etc. 

Parameter space analysis

How can we leverage visualization to better understand computational simulations and models? Building and understanding models with the aid of the computer is the bedrock of modern science, also known as computational science.

Sampling and reconstruction

How do we properly sample continuous data? Studying continuous phenomena using computer requires their discretization. The sampling strategy used impacts the quality and efficiency of the analysis.