"Slicing multi-dimensional spaces" by Thomas Torsney-Weir

Thomas gave a talk on "Slicing multi-dimensional spaces" at the weekly seminar of the Discrete Geometry workgroup at the Freie Universität Berlin last week.

I will discuss our work on investigating methods of visualizing
multi-dimensional spaces using interactive one and two dimensional slices.
Visualizing multi-dimensional spaces on a two-dimensional screen can be done
either by projection or slicing the space. In medical visualization often shows
axial, medial, and sagittal slices of a volume around a particular focus point
(location in the body). Slices directly visualize an object and it is easy to
measure distances in the horizontal and vertical directions. I will show how we
addressed the issue of picking a focus point.  In addition, I will show a
number of examples including comparing regression models, function spaces, and
regular polygons.