We present Pub2Vid, a video structuring framework for researchers, by Katharina Wünsche

Katharina's tool provides recommendations for outlines, scripts, and real examples to create engaging publication summaries.


Video summaries of scientific publications have gained more and more popularity over the last years, requiring many researchers to familiarize themselves with the tools and techniques of video production, which can be an overwhelming task. This paper introduces a video structuring framework embedded into the authoring tool Pub2Vid. The tool supports users with the creation of their video outline and script, providing real video examples and recommendations based on the analysis of 40 publication summarization videos which were rated in a user study with 68 participants. Following a four-tier evaluation methodology, the application’s usability is assessed and improved via amateur and expert interviews, two rounds of usability tests and two case studies. It is shown that the tool and its recommendations are particularly useful for beginners due to the simple design and intuitive components, as well as suggestions based on real video examples.


Link to the paper: https://vda.cs.univie.ac.at/research/publications/publication/7703

Pub2Vid-App: https://pub2vid.web.app