"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers." (R. Hamming)

The purpose of visualization is insight, not pretty pictures.


Welcome to the VDA (Visualization and Data Analysis) group!

We are a group of diverse people with the aim to create better tools and algorithms for analyzing and displaying data.
Our roots can be found in areas such as computer graphics, image processing, and human-computer interaction, our current focus aligns well with the challenges presented by the field of data science.

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Our research group is currently looking for a PhD researcher with a background in computer science, information science, or a related field.

We are happy to announce that Kalina Borkiewicz from the University of Utah will give a talk on "Beauty in Numbers: Scientific Visualization meets Hollywood Flair" on...

We are thrilled to share that Regina Schuster’s paper, titled “Being Simple on Complex Issues” – Accounts on Visual Data Communication about Climate Change, has been accepted...

We are excited to announce the upcoming CHI 2024 workshop on sensemaking (in all of its forms, including LLM-assisted sensemaking). Here's your chance to learn, discuss, and...

Péter co-authored and presented a short paper at the IEEE VIS conference in Melbourne titled "Draco 2: An Extensible Platform to Model Visualization Design" which was...

On June 15th, Laura Lotteraner, Regina Schuster, and Judith Staudner hosted a workshop on visualizing social media data at FMS im Zentrum, a public school in Vienna.