"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers." (R. Hamming)

The purpose of visualization is insight, not pretty pictures.


Welcome to the VDA (Visualization and Data Analysis) group!

We are a group of diverse people with the aim to create better tools and algorithms for analyzing and displaying data.
Our roots can be found in areas such as computer graphics, image processing, and human-computer interaction, our current focus aligns well with the challenges presented by the field of data science.

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We are happy to announce that Timothée Schmude's paper “On the Impact of Explanations on Understanding of Algorithmic Decision-Making” was accepted at this year’s ACM...

Hamid Younesy's paper "ModEx: a general purpose computer model exploration system" was published in Frontiers in Bioinformatics.


Katharina's tool provides recommendations for outlines, scripts, and real examples to create engaging publication summaries.

We are happy to share that Regina just presented her workshop paper “'The main message is that sustainability would help' – Reflections on takeaway messages of climate change...

We congratulate Kevin Sidak for his work on better understanding the training of deep neural networks under quantization that was presented at the SIAM International...

We are looking for a system admin and software developer from April 1st, 2023 on. We offer a pleasant work environment within a friendly, dynamic and international team.